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Gift Aid FAQs

How can I sign up for Gift Aid?
All you need to do is complete our downloadable Gift Aid declaration form and return it to us.

How does Gift Aid work?
Gift Aid is one of the easiest ways to make your donation tax effective. The charity you are supporting reclaims the basic rate tax paid on your donations from the Inland Revenue. There is no extra cost to you and the process is simple - all you have to do is make a Gift Aid declaration.

What is a Gift Aid declaration?
It is simply a statement by an individual taxpayer that they want a charity to get back from the Inland Revenue the tax paid on their donation. This is a great way to add 25 per cent to the value of your gift to HDSK without it costing you a penny more!

Gift Aid - do I qualify?
Providing you pay as much tax as HDSK will be entitled to reclaim on your donations in the same financial year, you are entitled to use Gift Aid. For example, if you wish to Gift Aid donations that total £100 in one year, you will need to have paid at least £25 to the taxman in respect of that tax year.

How do I know if I pay UK income or capital gains tax?
You pay these taxes if:

• Income tax is taken from your wages or salary before you receive your pay.
• You pay tax after filling in a self-assessment form each year.
• You have any taxable savings (in a Building Society, for instance), or a pension plan, or investment income.
• You have paid any capital gains tax, on the sale of a property or some shares, for instance.

If any of these applies to you, please complete and return your declaration so HDSK can reclaim the tax on your donations. NB Inheritance tax does not count as UK income or capital gains tax.

Why does it work out at 25 pence for every pound given?
Although basic rate tax is currently 20 per cent, the donation for £1 is treated as the net after tax. So from £1.25 (£1.25 minus 20 per cent is £1) HDSK gets back the 25 pence.

What if I don't pay UK tax?
Then, unfortunately, you are not able to make a Gift Aid declaration. If you want us to make a note of this on your records, please let us know by writing to us at:

148 Portland Road

What if I'm a pensioner?
You may still pay tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or pay capital gains tax if you sell property or shares. If so, please complete the Gift Aid declaration.

What if I'm a higher rate taxpayer?
HDSK can still claim tax back at the basic rate so please complete a declaration. Also, as a higher rate taxpayer, if you declare your donations on your tax return, you can claim a rebate based on the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate when you fill in your self-assessment form.

From April 2004 the self-assessment form covering returns for 2003/04 allows you to nominate a charity to receive any rebate that you are due. The Inland Revenue will pass the repayment directly to the charity. So please consider this simple way to add even more to your gift to HDSK.

What if I make my donations via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)?
If you normally make donations via CAF, tax has already been reclaimed. However, please fill in the declaration anyway so that any separate donations you might make are tax effective as well.

What if I buy raffle tickets or make purchases at a fundraising event?
Purchases such as raffle tickets or items purchased at a fundraising event are not treated by the Inland Revenue as donations and so the Gift Aid declaration does not apply to them. However, please fill in the declaration to cover any additional or separate donations.

What does the Gift Aid declaration commit me to?
Absolutely nothing! It just ensures that if you choose to donate to HDSK, we can claim an extra 25 per cent back from the Inland Revenue.

How long does the declaration last for?
To simplify matters for both you and HDSK, the declaration wording covers present, future and past donations.  However you can cancel it at anytime by writing, telephoning or e-mailing us.

Who will have access to this information about me?
Only HDSK and the Inland Revenue. We will not share it with anyone else.

What should I do if my tax status changes or I want to cancel my declaration?
Please notify us by writing to us at:
148 Portland Road
or telephone us on 01273 747179
or e-mail us at