About Us


HDSK upholds the spirit of tolerance and openness throughout the organisation and considers respect for the human being to be one of its most fundamental values.

HDSK supports each person's freedom of choice with regard to their philosophical, political and religious convictions. It rejects all forms of illegal discrimination, including those pertaining to race, nationality, age or gender.

It is also HDSK's position that all persons are free and responsible for their choices of family, professional and social life. The organisation neither addresses nor interferes with these areas.

Following Prem Rawat’s teaching is a personal process and in no way requires involvement with any particular group or organisation. Each individual may therefore pursue this teaching without associating with or supporting HDSK.

In addition, each person freely decides the nature of their relationship to the teaching: they may follow it for whatever period of time they desire, abandon it if and when they want, and return again as they wish.

Support for HDSK activities, whether personal skills or financial contributions, are voluntary and are made freely.

In recent years a clear path has been established for those that become interested in learning more about Prem Rawat's message which they can follow entirely at their own pace. This is by way of the 'The Keys' a materials based learning process which provides a step by step DVD learning course.