About Us


HDSK was established as a charitable educational trust by deed dated 22 October 1991 and registered with the Charity Commission on 28 January 1993 (registered number 1016818).

The Trust’s charitable purpose is to advance public education in the understanding and realisation of human potential based on Prem Rawat’s message of peace.

In essence, the activities of the Trust are focused on making Prem Rawat’s message available to as many people as possible, throughout the world, and in particular in inviting Prem Rawat to visit the UK to speak at events organised by the Trust. Prem Rawat does not receive any fee or other remuneration in respect of his attendance at these events, or in respect of his teaching generally.

The greatest source of the Trust’s income is by way of voluntary donations from individuals based in the UK. HDSK does not have members, or levy membership fees or similar subscriptions.

As a registered charity the Trust’s affairs are regulated by the Charity Commission, with whom audited accounts are filed annually. As well as organising speaking engagements at which Prem Rawat is invited to speak, HDSK provides information materials for those interested in learning more about Prem Rawat’s teachings, (read the latest Annual Report for full details of HDSK’s ongoing activities). HDSK has a small office based in Hove, Sussex. Its Board of Trustees is chaired by solicitor, James Shaw. The majority of its work is undertaken by volunteers.

HDSK co-operates with a network of charities and not for profit organisations around the world in supporting the international promotion of Prem Rawat’s message and teachings.

Read HDSK's Latest Annual Report